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cyndi563 in asiancuties

It is a total CRAP!!!

This site is a total crap! What a suck community I've ever seen.

I think this site is specially set up for fugly chicks who doesn't get acknowledgement about their beauty verbally, hence they need this stupid thing to comfort themselves. C'mmon... I wonder are you people blind? Or this asian cutie thing is making a joke? Or only approve ugly ppl as a cutie?? 

 Well, I know I'm very busy body here but just wanna shout out what really on my mind to this nonscense community. I know after I post this, ppl will come to shoot me until I die with their smelly motor mouth. But still, I wanna say it.

I felt sorry for all those real cutie & good looking ppl whose hv been rejected by all these blind mice. Some bitch even give a very harsh & mean comment to ppl. Before you judging someone else, pls use your brain and " THINK".... that are you as cute as the ppl you are judging?  Or you just jealous them because you dont hv tat kind of look?

This is one of the bitch who should not supposed to be in this site or I should say she should not voted as an asian cutie .

She is just so rude and you can see her leaving comments for every single post here which majoriity were insulting ppl & hurt others feeling . C'mmon do you think that you are really "cute"? I didn't say you are ugly but " cute" for you is not really suitable. So yeah, you got voted as a asiancuties but you are just accepted in the web but not in " real life". So just dont be so arrogant. And learn some manners girl. & I thought Koreans are nice people like those in Kdrama-s...such a disgrace for the Korean community =(
oooh maybe thats why she has been rejected from casting or something so she vent out her anger on some ppl here bcos they look prettier than her... Jealous is a very bad disease, try to cure it girl.

You people here are so unreasonable. You all got nothing better to do??

Lastly, I wanna say:-

Woman & to those who got rejected! you are your own person. your self-confidence shouldn't derive from what ppl say but who you are and what you're worth. i know it sounds cliche la and easier said than done but that's the fact of life. whoever they are in this 'community' of theirs are superficial. 




are you serious???????????????????

Re: urggggggg

hi mihae uhni! :D
lol, I love this community (and 'that bitch') for exactly this reason.

Also, fuck off.
i like your engrish.
oh yahh
and kendra is cutie.
so i guess you got rejected but you shouldn't take this too seriously, people who apply generally know what rating communities are like. The personal attack to that girl was lame though.
Several things:

-Teh ultimate engirsh to the likes of which I have never seen before.
-If your perception of reality comes from a drama, then heaven have mercy upon us.
-Some of the people on this community prefer to be objective or particularly harsh. I'm sorry we couldn't candy coat things for you. In life, you will have your feelings hurt. Deal with it by cutting yourself.
-And yes. This community is pretty superficial. You came to the right place.

Hahahaha, yeah this community doesn't have the best looking people. Usually people here get accepted based on a combination of looking cute (not necessarily conventionally good looking), acting cute and writing "cute". On that note, I don't think people should be voting with rude comments.
I hope the mods don't delete this!

Posts like these remind me why people with normal brain functions have to be nicer to the "slow" ones.

I love how this skeeze says he-she hates this community so much but by his-her remarks... it's obvious that he-she vultures this community.

Apparently, you're the one with the insecurities so sit down and shut your bitch-ass mouth.
Being in this community doesn't give you any excuse to call anyone a "bitch-ass mouth". Grow up.
uh, girl.

your in a rating community, its what we do.

So so funny.

It's good to vent your feelings. Good job, you deserve an A+ grade! But what is your point?

Look, I am only "rude, mean, bitchy" on this LIVE-FUCKING-JOURNAL (it's the fucking nerdy internet!) community because I find this whole thing hilarious and amusing (It's a RATING community, get it in your head!). It's not real life, it's not a huge deal; it's a rating community. We're all complete NERDS here.

And you're making a HUGE-ass, dramatic deal out of it by making this post, and I still don't understand your entire point of it.

I give my honest opinions, and you are perfectly allowed to give yours.

But, bitch please: Don't tell me what I should or shouldn't do. "So just dont be so arrogant. And learn some manners girl." Don't put yourself up on a high pedestal any time soon here, because your action of posting this speaks just as "rude/mean/low" as I do. A little ironic, isn't it?

"You people here are so unreasonable. You all got nothing better to do??"
- Uhh...Ask YOURSELF that. You just spent how long making this post? Do you not have anything better to do yourself? You're unreasonable for trying out this community, or atleast lurking around it, and then speaking shit about the rest of us because you're so insecure and bitter.


Re: So so funny.

I have no idea what comment you made but to claim that you are only bitchy, rude and mean online and not in person doesn't make sense.

I don't think she should have posted an entry on this in here, she could have done so in her own personal journal but her claims aren't far from being legitimate.
Girl, you are trippin'. Tie your shoes.

Kendra is gorgeous.
It doesn't matter what ethnicity you are; Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Thai...people are still people, capable of rude comments no matter what.

And those who post rude comments (and I'm not directing this to anyone) is only EVER a reflection of how they feel about themselves. So what if it's the "just the internet"? Using that excuse is getting old, people. Even though it's fun and games, it's a pretty sad and pointless way to have fun and games.

I'm in this community so I can give some constructive criticism, not rude comments. I don't think I have ever called anyone anything nasty and tactless...and I don't plan to ever.

Anyway, my point is, by doing this you're just making your oppressors feel like they've done a good job.
hahhaha, ew.
welcome to life. you're under scrutiny wherever you go, so please, go to another place where everything is sugarcoated and everyone will say nice things to you. not everyone will be like that - some people are totally different than others and not everyone is the same. you have to accept that and base decisions on these facts of life.

not everything is going to be your way or the highway. if you seriously think that life is summed up in a plastic box full of DVD's...
shit if this is how you react when you get criticised over the internet, whats going to happen when you get criticised in real life??

you had the opportunity to let any rude comments made by members slide and realise that its just a rating community on the internet that no one takes seriously, but you chose to retaliate in the most irrelevant and immature way possible. congratulations on being an idiot.
lol. where have i been?
lmao, i've been waiting for a bitch post like this! if we're talking about being superficial, the people who apply here are on some level conceited enough to think they're good looking enough to make it in. and personally, i think people who cry and whine about it are just sour-graping when they don't hear what they want to hear.

and attacking one of the members? wow. low-blow. real maturity right there.
have you noticed that most of the members here are western in thought and would rather be "hot" or "beautiful" or "attractive" than "cute?" and that wit counts with the apps?

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